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Intergenerational family of six


Mature couple


Multigenerationalfamily of six

Frequent coaching topics include:

  • Managing family members

  • Balancing family and business

  • Enhancing leadership presence

  • Delegation and accountability

  • Leadership transition decisions

  • Increased emotional intelligence

  • Non-family leadership in a family business

  • Rising generation development

  • Difficult conversations

  • Growing from manager to leader

  • Living your purpose


Leadership Coaching for Family Businesses


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Cathy Carroll grew up in a family business and enjoyed a 20-year corporate career before leading her father's manufacturing business.  It was there that she learned how unique leadership is in a family business. Legacy Onward is dedicated to helping leaders in family businesses thrive.

  • Founder, Legacy Onward, Inc.

  • Prior leadership experience:

    • Pro Equine Group President & COO

    • Sabre & United Airlines Executive

    • Hewitt Associates Actuary


  • MBA, University of Chicago 

  • BA, Boston College


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coaching Federation



Cathy helped me go from someone who did not believe in executive coaching to someone who would recommend it to others.

As a family business leader going through a sale and management succession, I was able to make good decisions and end up with a successful outcome.  Cathy is an invaluable resource.

Jane D.
Owner, G4

Tom R.
Owner, G2

Cathy was excellent overall.  She helped me overcome some weaknesses that I now claim as strengths. She offered a non-biased viewpoint in many challenging situations and continually challenged me to operate outside my comfort zone.

John W.

Cathy’s deep knowledge of the dynamics of family run businesses, coupled with her enormous empathetic heart are a lifesaver. I learned so much from her regarding the reasons behind the “why’s” that it had allowed me to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding, not only of my business, but of myself and my own family’s deep seated triggers and its effects on the business. I have been given new found perspectives, tools and ways to go about managing the day to day but more importantly I can say, I feel like a more whole and loving human being to myself and my children because of her. I am forever grateful.”

Geri H.
Founder, G1

In The Press

I've used coaches throughout my career, and by far, Cathy was the most sophisticated while being the most practical of the coaches I've engaged.  She literally changed my entire thinking about the business - and created a new era of renewed energy and deep satisfaction with my calling to serve entrepreneurial leaders with our marketing services."

Dave G.
Founder, G1


For more information, please contact Cathy Carroll:

Tel: 312-852-1254    |


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