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Announcing the Family Business Polarity Assessment!

I’m kinda giddy today because I have a free assessment to offer family business leaders.  For several months now, I’ve been blogging about polarities in family business because I sincerely believe polarity thinking is a leadership superpower, and managing polarities well is especially important for family business leaders given the countless polarities they face:  Invest::Harvest, Tradition::Innovation and Include::Exclude to name just a few.


The Family Business Polarity Assessment

Drum roll here!  I’ve crafted a free family business polarity assessment* for family businesses leaders to take so that they can see how well they are leveraging these important tensions.  To access the assessment, join my mailing list and check the box next to “Please send me the free family business assessment.”  If you are already on my mailing list, email me and I’ll send you the assessment.


If the results show that you are managing the family business tensions well, hooray!  If you identify a polarity or two that need attention, I can offer some tips and provide you the names of consultants and/or coaches to support you.

Family Business Polarity Assessment

A few notes: 

  1. This assessment is in beta, so I welcome any feedback on how to improve the user experience.  (Truly, I need and want your honest feedback.)

  2. Given this is still in beta, I’m asking participants to contact me to schedule a 30-minute debrief of the assessment.  For those unfamiliar with polarity thinking, the results need a wee bit of explanation.   This will also help me work out some kinks when it goes fully live. (This is not an attempt to upsell.)


I hope this family business polarity assessment whets your appetite for my upcoming book, Hug of War: Uniting Love and Power in Family Business, coming this July. Hug of War is filled with vivid stories about the drama that results when polarities aren’t managed well.  Plus, two chapters are devoted to building the skills to transcend the drama.


To learn more about polarity thinking and how to apply it in family businesses, join my mailing list to tide you over until Hug of War is released in July 2024!


*This assessment is crafted in close collaboration with my wonderful colleague at Polarity Partnerships, Cliff Kayser.

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