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A Limerick for Family Business

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

There once was a girl who was sired

By a man then by whom she was hired

To turn him around

Make his company sound

Yet one day she found herself fired.

She thought she was doing it right

But when it gets hot in the fight

No matter the season

Heart always trumps reason

And suddenly she saw the light.

She acted with all good intention

All focus on growing his pension

She did it better

But he didn’t let her

‘Cuz he couldn’t stand all the tension.

It’s partnership he sought as leader

And he didn’t care that he’d need her

He lost his trust

Fire her he must

E’en kin didn’t change how he’d treat her.

The lesson is true at all ages

Particularly so in late stages

Think “social awareness!”

It’s not about “fairness”

As soon as you witness the rages.

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